Share WiFi via Ethernet on Ubuntu 17.10

There is a hidden method to share your WiFi over Ethernet in the latest Gnome.

  1. Type nm-connection-editor in your terminal.
  2. Add a shared network connection by pressing the Add button.
  3. Choose Ethernet from the list and press Create.
  4. Click IPv4 Settings in the left.
  5. Choose Shared to other computers by clicking the Method drop-down menu.
  6. Enter a new name like Shared WiFi LAN as the Connection name at the top

26 Replies to “Share WiFi via Ethernet on Ubuntu 17.10”

      1. It is the same thing, just plug your ethernet cable from your PC to the ISP internet plug on your router.

  1. You dont need to deal with nm-connection-editor or setting static ipv4 addresses.

    The problem is with the wp6 script setting iptable routing.

    Here’s a link to the Pull Request with the iptables fix

    Go to the May 18 2018 commit approved by H4xl0r. Click on the … button and view the file. Copy it and paste it into a new wp6 script.

    It will work as it should, you plug it in run the script and bam!

  2. This worked for me on a old debian laptop. It passes its wi-fi to a raspberry pi. I tried it also on an archlinux build; but on that one the
    “nm-conection-editor” app has every settings fiel grayed out as if theyare not editable. Why tho? is it a dependencyim missing?

  3. Thanks! In a time of covid 19 lockdown…. my home laptop becomes (via a hub) my work desktop’s (which only has a ethernet port) wifi dongle!

  4. Thanks for this . I’m installing Ubuntu 20 on a big heavy PC with an unsupported Realtek WiFi dongle. Without this I’d have to move the PC, monitor, keyboard just to cable it into the router so I can install the WiFi driver.

    p.s. why doesn’t this Network Connections dialogue come up on the Hud?

  5. Doesn’t work at all for me.

    I’ve set everything up on my laptop, Manjaro LXDE. Shared that out to the switch. My desktop, with Manjaro KDE connects to the switch as well.

    But there the connection has a question mark on it. And I get no internet on it.

    Internet on the laptop works fine, from wifi.

    1. Hi!
      Go to “/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections” edit your connection. It should be something like this.

      id=Wireless to LAN





  6. Thanks a lot. I am very grateful to you . I cant imagine how my life would have changed if i could not find this. Me and my wife areunder quarantine due to Covid situation in the area. my wife has a desktop pc with no option for wifi dongle. and the wifi router here has no option for ethernet connection. Now I am sharing internet from my laptop to her desktop.

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