Transmission Peer Blocklist for Windows – TiBL4Win – v1.0

Just copy the code below to script.bat to where you want, execute as administrator, this will update the transmission blocklist with ips from Peer Block (

Just follow the instructions below in the configuration to download wget and gzip.

::This script creates the same lists as peerblock, it outputs a file that you
::can use on Transmission automatically.
::This script was created by Cesário Garcia Mil-Homens - just for the fun.
::TiBL4Win - v1.0


::In order for this script to work wget.exe and gzip.exe should be in the tmp directory do not remove them
::Download wget from:
::Download gzip from:
::Setup Transmission Blocklist folder.
set destination_folder="%appdata%\transmission\blocklists"

::DO NOT EDIT BELOW THIS LINE unless you know what you are doing
pushd "%~dp0"
cd tmp
wget -O - "" > bt_ads.txt.gz
wget -O - "" > bt_level1.txt.gz
wget -O - "" > bt_spyware.txt.gz
gzip -d *.gz
copy *.txt lists
copy lists %destination_folder%
del lists
del *.txt
del *.gz